Questions about monthly membership. Here's a link to a 5-min demo.

How can someone sign up for my membership?
Memberships appear on your public profile page. Anyone can go and buy your membership from there.
They can access all your live classes and uploaded videos.
Members are charged monthly on recurring bases. For e.g. if someone registers on Oct 26, they will be charged on 26th of every month. We also provide an easy way to cancel membership.
Right now membership is for all public classes. Anyone who gets your membership can register for all public classes. You can use the "Private Class" option when creating classes if you want to create a private session.
Yes they need to register for class. They are not asked for any payment details as members can freely register for any class.
Any uploaded video is available forever for now until you delete it. If we change this, we will notify you ahead of time in future.
Yes, you have the option to create class packs. You can create 5/10 class packs. Once someone buys the pack, they will get a promo code to register for free for any 5/10 of your classes. You can create class packs from here.


Questions about class recordings. Here's a link to a 5-min demo.

How do I ensure my classes are recorded?
Make sure to toggle the record class option to "Yes" when creating a class. Recordings are only available for "VStudio Group Rooms".
No, as long as you select the option to record while creating a class, your class will be recorded.
No, we only record the Instructor audio/video and none of your participants are recorded.
Recordings are available within 2 hrs after your class. You can go back to your class page and scroll down to see "Recording" tab.
We provide a shreable URL link under Recordings tab. Anyone with this link can access your recording. You can also download the video and upload it to your media library for member-only access.
Yes, we provide an easy way to download recordings.
Decide ahead of time how many recordings you want your 'members' to receive, and then download that number weekly to upload. This gives you and your students continuity on what to expect. Include in your membership description and your other marketing that your membership includes X recordings a month as well.

More questions? Email us anytime at [email protected].