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Your questions, answered.

How is this different from zoom?
Zoom is built for team collaboration and not for yoga/fitness classes. Still zoom is great as it allows face-to-face interaction between instructors and participants. With virtual studio, we have developed our own video conferencing solution (no download required) which is custom built for yoga/fitness classes where you can video conference with 50 participants, your audio/video quality is always the highest and we have added custom functionality such as once you start the class, only you can see the participants and no one else to ensure a more comfortable experience for the participants. On top of this, with zoom classes, you still need to maintain your own website, manage registrations, send invites/reminders. At, we manage all that for you so the only thing you need to worry about is running your session.
Why should I use this platform?
We have built this platform to serve you as an instructor so you can focus on what you do best - running your session, and leave the rest to us. The world needs you right now more than ever and we want to help you unleash your creativity with amazing sessions and not worry about other manual work such as maintaining your website, sending invites, etc.
How much does it cost?
We charge 10% commission on paid transactions. There is no monthly fee so we only make money if you make money. More details about our pricing are here.
Yes, you can create as many FREE classes as you want to try it out and see for yourself if our platform really does help you focus on your teaching and not the tech. There is no monthly fee. We will take 10% commission when you start paid classes. You can create your free account here. You can also book a call with us here and we will be happy to give you a demo and answer any questions you might have. In addition, we are happy to provide you with free tech support for your first session.
The timezone of anyone looking at your class details will be autodetected. If your class is at 9:30 AM ET and if a person from the UK is looking at your class, for example, they will see the time as 2:30 PM GMT+1. So thereโ€™s no need for either you or your participants to do any math.
You can connect your bank account on our platform and all payments that you receive will be transferred to your bank account every Friday. Our platform uses Stripe as a payment provider in order to ensure all the payments transactions are secure and the money goes securely to your bank account. It is trusted by thousands of businesses around the world.
You can reach us anytime at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. You can also book a call with us here: Book a call

More Questions? Email us anytime at [email protected].

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